Why Motorized Window Coverings Are So Popular


Motorized window treatments are popping up everywhere in the world of home design. Not only are there many options, making it easy to work this into your design scheme, but these are very convenient too. Knowing more about the benefits of this window covering trend will make sure that you understand why you should be considering it for your home.

Motorized Window Treatments
Motorized Window Treatments

Enhanced Privacy

Being able to quickly lower your blinds means that you can easily alter the level of privacy in your home. For example, having this type of window covering in your bathroom means that you can quickly lower the blinds when you are ready to shower and then raise them up when you are done so that you have plenty of natural light in the morning.

More Convenience

If you have ever used those older mini-blinds with the double strings, you know how frustrating it can be to lower them and pull them up. The strings constantly get caught and if you do not tighten the blinds just right, they come crashing down. With a motorized option, the shades open and close with ease. You use a remote to adjust them, so you can tackle this task from the couch or bed.

Motorized Windows Blinds
Motorized Windows Blinds

A Greener Home

If you are informed about green living, you know that window coverings can play a major role. Covering your windows at the right times can conserve energy by making your furnace or air conditioner have to do less work. For example, during the summer months, when the sun is out, closing your blinds or curtains helps to keep some of the heat out. This results in a lower temperature inside your home. When your home is naturally cooler, you will need less air conditioning to make your home comfortable.

Improve Your Sleep/Wake Cycle

With this type of window covering, you can often set them to a certain time of day. For example, you can set them to open at a specific time in the morning. This means that your window coverings will open and start flooding your room with light. This can help you to wake up and it ensures that you have plenty of natural light in the mornings to energize you and get you ready for the day.

Motorized Window Shades
Motorized Window Shades

Increased Home Value

Sometimes smaller changes can have a bigger impact on the overall value of your home and motorized window coverings are a prime example. These are a feature that most homeowners will leave behind when they move so that the new owners can take advantage of them. This means that you have added a feature that is highly convenient and makes the home more efficient. Exactly how much it increases the value of your home will vary, but you are sure to notice a positive increase.

Now you know more about why motorized window coverings are so popular. You can learn more about this cool window covering trend at reputable websites, such as www.rescomdesigns.com.