When in Rome… Do As the Romans Do?


More and more people are now cosmopolitan, moving from one place to the next due to their work. In these cases, it is quite common for them to take their furniture with them, moving into a property that already had some fixtures like curtains in place. While this may be convenient, these curtains often don’t fit with the rest of the overall décor achieved by those bringing their own furniture.

Curtains are a very conventional method of covering windows, giving you just one of two options: either they are open, or they are closed. Leaving them slightly open quite literally hurts the eyes. Curtains, while often very beautiful, lack a lot of features as well. Yes, they block the light off, insulate a property, and give it a luxurious, warm look, but you have so little control over your property with them. Essentially, they will be open during the day, allowing all the light to come in and giving you zero privacy, and closed during the night, blocking out all of the light and ensuring nothing can be seen anymore.

Most of us, however, prefer to have a bit of control over the light that comes into our home and how much privacy we have. This is where roman blinds come in, which give you the convenience of regular blinds, but the beauty of curtains. It is also for this reason that more and more rental properties are installing these blinds in favor of curtains.

About Roman Blinds

Roman blinds look really chic. They come in a range of different fabrics and colors, which means that people can create a really unique style. While being chic and sumptuous, they are surprisingly affordable, which is why they are becoming so popular with landlords. Ann added benefit is that they are easy to clean as well.

Of course, roman blinds are not just suitable for landlords. In fact, they are incredibly popular across a range of different households, rented and purchased homes alike. They are incredibly beautiful and really bring a room together. Generally made of a fabric material, they have the same benefits as curtains in terms of insulating a property and making it look and feel warm. But they are different from curtains in as such that you have a lot more control options over them. While they are not as convenient as horizontal or vertical blinds, where you can tilt the individual slats to allow some light in, they do offer more convenience than what curtains do.

Roman blinds can be partially lowered or raised, allowing some of the light to come through. Unlike with curtains, however, having them partially raised actually looks really good, rather than being an eyesore. The bottom part of the blind folds up on itself, leaving waves of fabric at the bottom and this looks really beautiful overall.

Whether you have just moved in to a new property, or whether you simply want to change the look of your existing property, roman shades are the way to go!