What You Should Consider When Purchasing Medical Casters


It is important to choose the right casters for your medical equipment. Buying and installing quality casters will not only make your equipment last longer, but they will also not cause any damage to your floors. Consider the following factors when buying medical casters.

Equipment Type and Workload
Casters are designed to support varying amounts of weights. Therefore, you should consider the weight that your equipment can support and choose the right type of casters for the weight that your equipment is designed to carry.

Maneuverability of Your Equipment
Choose casters depending on how often you move your equipment around. Fixed casters are suitable for back and forth straight line movements. Swivel casters allow for better maneuverability in any direction with the option of using swivel locks to restrict movement in a straight line.

Decide on the Type of Brakes for your Casters
Buy casters with brakes for equipment that is not in constant use. This will not only enable you to better control the equipment but it will also allow you to pack the equipment when not in use. In addition, choose the right braking system for your equipment, otherwise you may be forced to buy a whole new set of casters. Caster brakes are designed to work in different ways. Some casters brake when you press the equipment downwards while others, especially straight line casters, brake when you try to maneuver the equipment sideways. Other types of casters have a brake system that can be operated with the feet.

Choose the Right Wheels for Your Floor Type
Consider using casters made of soft materials for indoor use to prevent damage to your floors. Pneumatic casters are suitable for outdoor use on stairs or rough surfaces because of their shock-absorbing features. Generally, casters are designed to be resistant to temperature changes and chemicals.

The efficiency of the casters on your equipment is determined by your floor type and the size of the casters. Sizable casters usually last longer and move faster than smaller ones. However, smaller casters are suitable for equipment used to transport electronics and other sensitive items. In addition, smaller casters are more maneuverable than larger ones.

It is important to choose the right mounting option for your casters to ensure your load is evenly distributed on the equipment. A stem mounted caster is recommended for light loads while heavy duty casters are suitable for heavier loads.