Warning Signs Your Home Needs A New Heating Solution


How can you tell when the time comes to upgrade or replace your home’s heating system?

Unfortunate as it may be, there is no such thing as a home heating system that can or will last forever. Which means that sooner or later, you need to take action. In terms of where to draw the line, there are a few common signs and symptoms that suggest that the time may have come to consider a new heating solution.

And given that the warmer months of the year represent the best time to upgrade and replace heating systems, now’s the perfect time to consider your own.

Damp and Mould
Damp and Mould

Damp and Mould

For example, while damp and mould around the home have a variety of possible causes, a substandard or inefficient heating system can contribute to the problem. The reason being that if your home isn’t being heated evenly, effectively and efficiently, damp may accumulate in various places and be unable to dry out.

It’s Cold with the Heating On

Perhaps the single most obvious sign that your heating solution needs attention is when the heating is in use but the house is still cold. Even when turned up to the highest setting, you find yourself uncomfortable during the colder months of the year. Should this be the case, it is likely that you could benefit from an upgrade, or additional heaters around the home.

Modern Electric Radiator
Modern Electric Radiator

Frequent Breakdowns

There comes a point when you have to question whether or not it is sensible or economical to continue paying for boiler repairs. Over time, the costs of on-going repairs can far outweigh those of updating your heating system. Which counts double when taking into account the costs of running an inefficient heating system long-term.

Strange Noises

Heating systems are often surprisingly good at letting you know what’s wrong, simply by making the kinds of noises they really shouldn’t be making. Once again, it may be temporarily possible to halt these sounds, but you can rest assured they’ll soon be back with a vengeance.

Excessive Energy Bill

As heating systems become older and more inefficient, they utilise significantly more energy to get the job done. Which translates as greater energy consumption and higher energy bills. If your home heating costs seem to be going nowhere but up, there’s a good chance your boiler or heating system in general have become inefficient.

Home Heating Solution
Home Heating Solution

What’s the Solution?

While there’s always the option of having your conventional central heating system overhauled or replaced, this rarely represents the most economical or accessible option.

Instead of looking at traditional home heating such as storage heaters or gas radiators, consider installing modern electric radiators. Modern electric radiators are simple to install with a screwdriver and you can install at home without any professional help needed. Best of all, they can even be taken with you when you move house, should you choose to do so.

If you are looking for a simple, efficient and cost-effective alternative to conventional radiators and heating systems, you may be surprised how far electric radiators have come over recent years.