Valet Stands: Are They Useful or Pretentious?


Valet stands are handy pieces of furniture on which you can hang your jackets and suits conveniently. They have a tray organizer, shoe rack, drawers, and can be either metal or wood. These stands have small drawers in which you can keep your coins, money, phones and so on, so that you do not clutter up the room. Electric ones are also available, which can keep your formal clothes comfortable and warm. But don’t worry they won’t get burnt, as they have timers to stop overheating.

Valet Stands Furniture
Valet Stands Furniture

Why Do People Use a Valet Stand?

Valet stands can fit inside your wardrobe and help you keep it organised. Offering your expensive jackets and suits a perfect storage, it helps increase their lifespan significantly. Earlier, valet stands were just a metal or wooden frame. But with time, the design has evolved to include many additional features. You can even charge your phone as well as other devices on the stand itself. This makes valet stands a convenience factor for users. In fact, according to men who use a valet stand, it makes life extremely easy.

With a valet stand, you can arrange all your clothes for the next day, the night before, including your shoes and accessories. You can steam press your clothes and have the pleasure of wearing a crisply pressed suit to work. With all the storage to keep your ties, wallet, phone, coins, charger etc., you just have all your things in one place and your home is no longer messy.

Valet Stands
Valet Stands

Do You Really Need a Valet Stand or Are They Pretentious?

There are, of course, two ways to look at it. Many seem to wonder whether it serves any purpose or is it just a style trend. Others believe valet stands only does the job of making the room look good. However, men who have used valet stands swear by their usefulness, as it saves them a lot of time in the morning.

Valet stands come in great many styles including those which have a seating option. These allow you to dress up and then sit down to wear your shoes and socks. You can think of it as personal valet, as it looks after your clothes and helps you organise your things. It doesn’t just store your clothes, but airs them out as well.

Valet stands can seem pretentious if they are kept where they look out of place. That’s when they look like a décor element rather than a useful piece of furniture. Just having a nice one which you may have bought from an antique store does not necessarily mean it’s showing off, unless you have put it in your living room, for all to see and admire — may be next to your grand piano and with spotlights on your dazzling shoes and crisply pressed suit.

In reality, a valet stand can’t be called ‘pretentious’. It’s a functional piece of furniture whose benefits to users go beyond its good looks.