Tips for Keeping it Cool in Houston


While Texas is a great place to live, the summers can be killer! Those long dusty weather patterns can stay on hold for days on end. If you have a home in the Houston area you know just what I am talking about. The temps hit high, the air gets dry and you feel like you could fry on egg on the sidewalk at midday. In fact, if you try it around July you probably can. Lucky for most of us, the invention of air conditioning has made getting through our hot Texas summers possible with a minimum of fuss. But what do you do when the air conditioning breaks down in a Texas heat wave and your Houston AC Repair guy can’t get there for a few days because he is backed up with frantic orders? Here are a few tips you can use until the white knight in a repair van shows up.

Cooling Fan
Cooling Fan

Old Fashion Wet Sheeting

One of the old tricks from back in the day before we had AC was to create a cool damp atmosphere at night and then keep that air inside all day. You did this by closing up the house in the daytime, with all the blinds and curtains drawn. Then at night, when the air cooled down, you opened those windows up. We used to take old sheets when I was a kid and soak them real thoroughly. Then we would hang them in those wide open windows to create a cool damp breeze. If you hang one mid-house with a fan behind it you can add a cool breeze that you capture all day.

Strategic Fanning

While you are creating this nice cool damp air, move it around to keep the whole house cool. A few fans placed in strategic spots to create cross-breezes in your home will do the trick. I know that in many homes in the Southwest before air conditioners, we used something called a swamp cooler. It was simply a big basin of water with a fan that moved the cooler damp air down into the house. Since cool air falls and warm air rises, the fan would suck up the hot air and the cool damp air would drop down. Any basin of water with a fan behind it can do the same trick until your AC gets fixed.

Keeping Your Cool

Of course one of the tricks to keeping cool in any hot climate is to keep your cool. In other words, develop that fine Mexican habit of “ma?ana” in your life. If nothing really gets you hot under the collar it is so much easier to stay cool during the long hot summer. Take a siesta, shrug your shoulders and let that comment slide by, just learn to be cool, when it is hot. And kiss that AC repairman when he arrives!