Timber Framed Windows For Your Renovation


Renovating a property means making improvements in many different areas. A very simple renovation may mean little more than redecorating, adding some new furniture, and maybe upgrading or updating the bathroom or kitchen. More involved renovations may include the removal or addition of structural elements, such as walls, while a full renovation essentially means stripping the property right back down and starting from scratch.

The level of renovation that you undertake will be determine by many different factors including your budget, the reason for your renovation, and the condition of the property before you begin. The motivation behind your renovation will also play a big part in determining exactly what jobs you undertake. If you are renovating to increase property value in order to sell for the best possible price, then it is unlikely that you will want to take on some of the most expensive jobs and concentrate your efforts on making repairs and improving the overall look of the property.

However, some renovations may add more to the value of the home than the actual work costs. This is especially true if you are attempting to renovate a period property, or renovate in order to create a period style property. Buyers love period properties because they appreciate the period features that they include, and while some buyers might be willing to buy a house and then make some of these renovations and changes themselves, there are likely to be some potential buyers that simply want to move into the property and not have to undertake any major work.

For this latter group, the appeal of having property features will be a big draw, and this means that you could potentially increase the value of your property considerably. One period property that is popular when conducting a full and extensive renovation is the replacement of windows. Unfortunately, many period properties have had old timber framed windows replaced with PVC at some point in their history. Plastic frames were considered the more environmental and the more convenient option when compared to timber frames and while this might have been true when timber frames were manufactured using immature and poor quality wood, it is not necessarily the case anymore.

Modern timber frames tend to be made using high quality and highly durable hardwood that has been allowed to mature before being felled. For ethical buyers, it is important to ensure that the timber came from sustainable sources, usually meaning that any tree that is chopped down is replaced, and that areas are not fully felled to leave empty ground. Sash windows would have been the window of choice for period properties, if they had the finances, and these can also be installed and fitted now. Sash windows slide vertically, using weights and pulleys, and there are various layouts and designs of the window panes themselves, allowing you plenty of freedom to choose the style or even the period that you aim for when you opt for timber framed windows.

The Original Box Sash Windows Company can inspect existing timber windows or, for a period renovation, they can consult with you to help ensure that you opt for a style of window that is in keeping with the period of property, and then fit high quality windows that have been manufactured to last.