The Five Main Advantages of Solar Energy


Temperatures across the globe are rising due to climate change. Countries such as India experienced record temperature highs back in May, and effects are also beginning to show in countries that aren’t situated close to the Equator. As a result, governments and organisations across the globe have amped up production of renewable energy. Solar energy, also known as the energy derived from the sun, is fast becoming one of the most viable alternate sources of energy. In fact, solar farms are being created across the globe in order to improve efficiency and provide renewable energy at affordable prices. Here are the five main advantages of solar energy:

  1. Environmentally Friendly

Thermal energy production methods generally put a significant impact on the environment. A lot of pollution is released when coal and other fossil fuels are burned. Not only does this lead to depletion in the ozone layer, but thermal energy production also causes significant damage to the surrounding environment. Last year was the warmest year in record in Ireland, which just highlights the fact that change is necessary. Solar energy is environmentally friendly, and doesn’t produce any pollution at all. It just harnesses the power of the sun, making it a far more sustainable alternative.

  1. Savings

Fossil fuel costs money, and energy companies generally have to spend a considerable amount in order to procure different fossil fuels and burn them. However, the amount of money that could be saved from solar energy in the long run is significant. The costs of setting up the plant might be quite high to begin with, but you don’t have to worry about making any utility payments in the future. Solar energy is free!

  1. Increases Home Value

Apart from governments that are now introducing new reforms to popularize solar energy, there are plenty of local companies that also offer solar panel installations at home. You can go off the grid and power your house with solar energy, thus increasing home value considerably! Solar energy can be used not only for producing electrical energy, but it can also be used for heating up water at home.

  1. Reduction in Global Warming

Global warming is a pretty serious threat nowadays. Governments all over the globe have begun to introduce changes in order to curb the production of thermal power, and instead focus on renewable sources of energy. Global warming is a very real threat, and could eventually kill humans if it isn’t curtailed. If solar energy is adopted on an international scale, it could reduce global warming considerably.

  1. Energy Independence

Fossil fuels such as coal and oil are going to run out someday. Already, fuel reserves are running very low. In order to create energy independence, solar energy is becoming a viable alternate solution. That’s because solar power is completely free and renewable. As long as the sun is up in the air, you can continue to produce energy every day!