Tips on Organizing Your Sorority Reunion Party in Your Backyard


Planning a party of any kind requires communication and coordination to succeed. You need to find a group of volunteers who are willing to help you make the party come to life. Here are some useful tips for planning a sorority reunion party:

Organizing Home Backyard Party
Organizing Home Backyard Party

Getting Organized

The first step is getting in touch with all your former sorority girlfriends to let them know about the reunion. After college, people’s lives take different directions and they lose touch. You should contact the few people that you are still in touch with and ask them to share the news with others.

If any of the girls live near you, you can form a committee and divide the planning amongst you. The next step is to reach an agreement on the reunion date. Make sure that the date you choose does not clash with anyone else’s schedule. The earlier you schedule a reunion date, the more likely people are to attend your event.

Come up with a Budget

Your budget should include the cost of catering, decorations, cleaning services, and entertainment. If your friends are willing to help with some of these things, you can save money by not hiring caterers and cleaners. To come up with the money for the event, you should ask your former sorority friends to contribute to the kitty.

Home Backyard Party Catering
Home Backyard Party Catering

Planning the Event

Plan a dining-centered event – when you center you event around food, more people will attend. You need to consider when the reunion will occur: summer or winter. Because you are throwing the party in your backyard, you should do it in favorable weather.

Create a setting that encourages mingling – make sure that you choose activities that will encourage old friends to talk and reconnect. Make sure that you create a mood that will encourage your sorority sisters to remember the old days: for instance, you can buy a few recruitment dresses for sorority rush week to jog their memories.

Show a slideshow – you can show a slideshow of the most memorable moments. You can gather videos and images from your sorority days and include them in the slideshow.

Get plenty of seats – you need to find enough seats to fit everyone on your guest list. You can either borrow from your neighbors or rent seats to save on costs. However, if you want to sit on the floor and enjoy the summer sun, you can spread some quilts on the ground to allow people to sit picnic-style.

Show a classic movie – you should consider setting up a screen outside if you want to watch a movie from your sorority days. You can schedule the movie screening after dinner to allow people to wind down before the party ends.

Reunion Party in Backyard
Reunion Party in Backyard

Choose Nostalgic Decorations

The best decorations are those that will start up conversations amongst your peers. When the reunion party ends, you can even repurpose the decorations into souvenirs. To save money, you should consider combining purchased decorations with a few homemade ones that you can customize.

You can set up tables with your college yearbooks if you want a good icebreaker for the event. You might also want to create a ‘then and now’ slideshow, but you need to confirm whether everyone wants to be in it. Collages of newspaper clippings from your college years can also break the ice between old friends who have grown apart over the years.

Planning a sorority reunion party can be overwhelming but the above tips will come in handy. You should create a nostalgic environment that allows people to reconnect and eliminate space between them by choosing the right activities and decorations.