Moving Tips from the Professionals


Moving doesn’t have to be as chaotic and stressful as people often assume it will be. With the right planning and tips, you can make any move far more simple and relaxing, allowing you to actually enjoy the move to your beautiful new home. Below are some of the best tips that you will get from the pros.

1. Use Your Soft Items as Packing Materials

You don’t have to buy a lot of newspaper and foam to pack. Instead, just use things like pillows, blankets and stuffed animals to pack around your lamps, televisions and wine glasses. This makes packing more efficient, reducing the amount of boxes you have to move.

2. Take Pictures of Your Cords

If you have a television, a sound system, a DVD player, and a gaming system, hooking up all of those cords can be really complicated. To make it easier and save some headache when you put it back together, take a picture of it before taking it apart. Then you can just look at the picture and plug everything back in accordingly.

3. Put Your Heaviest Items in Rolling Luggage

You have to move your rolling luggage to the new house anyway, so make sure it’s not empty when you do. Instead of putting books and other heavy items in boxes, put them in the rolling luggage, making them easier to move.

4. Pack One Box for that First Night

After a long day of moving, you may not have time to unpack everything and get the house set up. You’ll just want to crash and tackle it in the morning. To make that easier, pack one box with everything you need for the first night–pajamas, a toothbrush, your cell phone charger and the like. Label the box so it’s easy to find.

5. Put bolts and screws in labeled plastic bags.

When you take apart tables, beds, cribs and other furniture, you’re going to end up with a lot of screws, washers and bolts. If you put them all in the same place, they just look the same, and it’s incredibly difficult to put everything back together. Instead, put the hardware for each item in its own plastic bag and label the bags with a marker.

When working with professional relocation services in Dallas TX, keep these tips in mind and you’ll find that it revolutionizes the moving process. You’ll never look at moving the same way again, no matter the length of the move.

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