Living Room Tips


Choosing pieces for your living room can sometimes prove tricky but with these top tips and trendy pieces you’ll have your new space done in no time.  Whether your place is big or small you need to have a space to relax and socialize in comfort. Therefore, getting the sofa right is perhaps the most important thing in a living space.  Opt for a three seater if your space is big enough and if you are really lacking in that department then you could opt for a loveseat. Very on trend and space saving, the loveseat has seen resurgence over the past couple of years and is a fantastic solution to small or awkwardly shaped rooms.  Place one in a bay window with great natural light, perfect for a cosy reading nook.

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If you have children then you need to remember to shop for suitable fabrics.  A sturdy leather can we wiped clean easily but has less of the comfort factor.  Modular sofas are a great way to fit the whole family, whilst looking stylish and contemporary. If there is the space then make sure to add an armchair or ottoman for extra seating. A bold or rich fabric like a coloured velvet or stripy design would add some much needed colour without going overboard, especially if you prefer a minimalist design.

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Once you have the seating sorted then accessorising around it should be relatively straightforward.  The sofa usually takes the most room so, once chosen; you can really start to picture the layout of the space.  If you have gone for a chunky piece then it is best to opt for a non-storage coffee table that perhaps has a glass top to create that feeling of space and prevent any overcrowding.  Using glass or metal is also a way of integrating other materials and textures into your design, which will help add interest to the interior design.  Designer coffee tables would add a touch of luxury in a space and really make a statement.


Lighting is key in a good design and is easy to produce in a living space.  A mix of pendant and table or floor lighting will be enough to create a pleasant atmosphere.  If you opt for side tables then some table lamps would create a lovely, calming mood once the overhead pendant lights are dimmed or switched off. Alternatively, place a floor lamp with a covered head over the corner of a sofa for a snug, illuminated reading spot.  Finally, a big, beautiful rug is the perfect way to bring a whole design together.  Make sure it is big enough so that the furniture sits on it rather than around it as this can often make a space look less cohesive.