Let There Be Light with a New Skylight Installation


Good lighting can make the difference between a gloomy atmosphere and one that elicits positive emotions. No doubt many of us have walked into a dark and gloomy house only to find ourselves feeling equally dark and gloomy emotionally. Part of this is because we feel closed and boxed in. The absence of light denotes darkness and gloom. This darkness tells the brain to switch off and sleep, and we often find ourselves in a sort of fugue state when we are in a dim and closed-in atmosphere. Of course, in some situations it can work wonders, such as in intimately lit restaurants where we are more concerned with the affections of a first date. But when it comes to the workplace, good lighting is absolutely essential.

Light Is the Key to a Good Mood

Scientific studies in the workplace have concluded that our moods are affected by the amount of natural light that enters the area. Many of us will have experienced a working environment where there is a lack of natural light from outside. In a situation like this, our body clocks lose touch with the outside world and we enter a sort of timeless state that is not especially conducive to productive thought or work.

In fact, science tells us conclusively that an absence of plenty of natural light in the workplace and a lack of connection with the outside world through this light is likely to cause us to feel dissatisfied at work and less content. The truth is that dissatisfied workers are prone to moodiness, depression, anxiety, and feelings of unhappiness with their work environment.

The Answer to Letting in More Light

Given how important natural light is to any working environment, how can more light be introduced into a workplace? Simply installing regular windows could be disruptive to the working environment and may not even be practical, but by installing some commercial skylights at strategic roof locations, the amount of natural light in a workplace can be improved dramatically and in a cost-effective manner.

Skylights are particularly effective for large areas such as warehouses or factories, where the fitting of regular windows is difficult or not practical and the amount of space that requires lighting is very large. By calling on an experienced company to install multiple skylights, the large working space can be effectively lit for little outlay and with very little interruption to normal work routines.

In fact, many very large shopping centres invest in huge Barrel Vault Skylights and Architectural Skylights as the centrepiece of airy atrium structures. This placement allows the maximum natural light into strategic areas of the shopping centre where people tend to gather, such as food courts, and works together with the artificial light throughout the centre to create an airier and more positive atmosphere for shoppers and retail workers.

Skylights are also excellent solutions for schools and other institutions where an abundance of natural light promotes positive emotional states. And of course, wherever skylights are installed they save on electrical power during daylight hours!