Information on Emergency Tree Removal


Emergency tree care and removal services may include trimming, cutting, pruning and stump grinding. Such tasks may seem easy, but they can be fraught with risks?therefore, they should be handled by professionals. Despite the specialized knowledge required to maintain trees, you should be careful to hire the right company for Durham tree removal. Here, you’ll learn some tips to choose the right emergency tree removal service.

Be Sure They Have the Right Tools

Tree trimming shouldn’t be a DIY job for a variety of reasons, and one of the biggest is this: Most homeowners don’t have the right tools. A local tree removal service has the tools and equipment required to handle projects of all sizes. Specialized equipment can include:

  • Protective gear. Tree cutting is dangerous, and the likelihood of serious injury is high. Personnel should wear proper protective gear, such as a hard hat, steel-toed boots and eye protection.
  • A first-aid kit, with medical tools that can handle emergencies until paramedics arrive
  • Chainsaws with sharp chains
  • A heavy crane or aerial lift
  • Ropes, axes and wedges to control trees’ path of descent

Do They Know Their Roots?

Even though it’s not recommended to cut a tree’s roots, in some instances, it’s necessary. Root cutting may be needed in situations where a tree has outgrown its space, or where the roots are invading the home’s foundation or septic system. If you try to do it yourself, you may damage the tree and pose a risk to your home. Here, it’s best for you to hire an emergency tree removal service to help you cut and remove the roots while keeping the rest of the tree safe.

Stump Grinding and Removal

Removing tree stumps from your property can be difficult. You could rent a stump grinder, at a significant expenditure of your time, money and effort?or you could save all of these and remain safe by leaving it to a professional. Stump removal can be dangerous, and it’s recommended that you call an emergency tree service to do it for you.

With all of this being said, there’s one more thing to consider: you may need a license before having trees cut. A local emergency tree removal company will be able to determine permitting requirements, and they can give you the results you want. For stump grinding, root removal, and other emergency tasks, hire a company for Tree Removal in Wallingford with the tools and skills for the job.