How to Properly Select the Edge of Your Kitchen Worktop: Your Top Choices


When choosing your kitchen worktop, the first thing you’ll have to work out is the material – this will depend on your budget, your colour options, and other practical considerations. The next choice you will have to make, however, is the shape of your kitchen worktop – more specifically, the edges. The countertop edge detail may not seem like a very important point, but there are both aesthetic and practical reasons why such details should be paid attention to. In fact, it’s that edge that can give your kitchen worktop that wow factor. Here’s a quick guide on how to properly select the edge of your kitchen worktop: your top choices.

The bull nose edge

This kind of edge is probably the most popular, as it matches any style and any kind of stone. Because the edge is completely rounded (top and bottom), it allows for a very soft look and is easy to maintain or clean. Since there are no sharp edges, it’s also safer in case of accidents and easier when leaning on the elbows.

ImageThe demi-bull nose edge

The demi-bull nose edge is similar to the bull nose edge, except that it is not fully rounded; it is rounded only at the top. The roundness also has a larger angle. As with the bull nose edge, it’s easy to clean and easy on the elbows when leaning on the worktop, though there is some more work to be done when there is spillage and cleaning, as liquids may not follow the curvature and drip to the floor.

The eased edge

The eased edge is straight – simple and easy on the eyes, the simplest of designs. It’s flat, with a 90 degree angle, and gives the worktop a very clean and square look. It makes the worktop look thicker and stronger, and is also easy to clean.

The beveled edge

Similar to the eased edge, although this design has a slight angle cut at the top – the clipped top corner is usually at a 45 degree angle. Easy to clean, but a little less comfortable on the elbows, this design is crisp and sleek.

Choosing the correct edge will not only determine practical reasons (such as possibility of drip in case of spillage, or convenience in maintenance and cleaning), it will also give kitchen worktops, such as granite worktops, marble worktops, and more – a certain look that can bring you back in time or send you into the future. Bear in mind that there are many kinds of edges out there – many of them not mentioned here – so it pays to look around before making your choice. Take your time – your kitchen worktop will last for a long time, and so will your edges!