How to Become a Licensed Handyman


Every state varies on specific requirements for a handyman contractor license, and a few states require no contractor’s license, but do require a business license. You will need to contact your state licensing department to find out the specific requirements and documents you will need to submit for the type of license you need.

Handyman Skills

Whether or not licensing is a requirement, you will need to have a number of basic skills in order to be qualified to do the work of a handyman. You can acquire skills by taking a handyman training program, working as an apprentice under a licensed or certified professional, or taking the appropriate courses at a community college or technical school. It isn’t as important what avenue you take to acquire the needed skills as it is that you learn all the essential building industry standards and you state and local building codes. According to Trusted Pros, in order to succeed in this versatile occupation, you need to be a jack-of-all-trades. The more experience and skills you can acquire, the more successful and valuable you will be. Companies, such as Somerville Aluminum, serving Bridgewater, Middlesex County, and Warren NJ, have a staff of handyman specialists that work on every aspect of home repair. According to Somerville, whether you want to be a handyman in Flemington NJ or Dallas, TX, you should become proficient in the following skills:

.?? Interior and exterior maintenance and seasonal upkeep

.?? Building, repair, and maintenance of landscape design features

.?? Building, repair, and maintenance of porches, decks, patios, gazebos, bridges, fountains, and similar?? functional and decorative elements

.?? Roof repair, assessment, and installation

.?? Installation and repair of windows and doors, including sliding styles

.?? Installation of vinyl and ceramic tiles

.?? Home siding installation

.?? Drywall and molding installation, painting, papering, and paneling

.?? Installation and repair of flooring materials, such as wood, vinyl, carpet, and tiles

.?? Cabinet and counter installation

.?? Lighting fixture installation

.?? Ceiling fan installation

These are not the only skills you use as a handyman, but they are some of the most important. It’s important to be as versatile as possible if you want to be hired by a company such as Somerville or set up your own business.

Be sure to check on licensing requirements with your state employment office. They may also have a list of schools or agencies that offer training and give exams.