Get Rid of Those Spiders!


Spiders, according to most people, are not creatures that you want roaming your home. However, perhaps you do not want to kill them. You want another, less lethal way to assure that they are not sharing your bedroom, bathroom, or kitchen. What can you do to make these spiders leave you alone?

  1. Use Spray

What type of spray should you use? How will a spray for spiders help? Different ingredients and smells have been tested on spiders. The specific smells that repel spiders have been bottled together to make a non-lethal spray. Using this spray can keep spiders away, simply because they do not like the smell. If you spray it around cracks, floorboards, and windows, your home will have fewer spiders.  Look at the website,, to check out the spider spray they offer to rid your house of the critters.

  1. Seal Your Cracks

Most spiders enter homes through cracks and crannies that are just the right size for a spider to crawl through. Take the time to carefully evaluate each window (check those window screens for holes) and door space. Use caulk in gaps between doorways and around cables and faucets. Replace any damaged window screens, and cover any chimneys you might have with a screen to prevent spiders from entering.

  1. Shut Off Your Outdoor Lights

Outdoor lights do not attract spiders, but they certainly attract meals for spiders. If you constantly have insects buzzing around your outside lights, spiders will come closer to your home and eventually, they will probably enter to make their own cosy home. If you are using your outside lights, go ahead and enjoy them. However, constantly leaving the lights on if you are not using them can cause a bigger spider problem. Switching them off is an easy solution to help you free your home from spiders.

  1. Replant Vegetation

Spiders will often lodge in plants and bushes. If you have many of those around the entryways of your house, it is recommended that you transplant them farther away. Why? Spiders like to hide in bushes. They can also jump onto you or anyone else that enters your home for a free ride inside. Because they have a home so close to your door, they will easily be able to enter your home.

  1. Keep a Clean House

You should always keep your house free from clutter. If you leave food crumbs lying around, certain bugs will be attracted. If the prey is there, then soon enough, spiders will come as well. If you leave piles of dirty clothes or recyclable items lying around, spiders will see them as ideal hiding spaces. Clean up this clutter, sweep and vacuum regularly, and use plastic storage containers if at all possible.

Now you know five ways that you can keep spiders from entering your home. Start with the first step and work through all five, and you will guarantee yourself a home with fewer pests.