Designer and Custom Made Lucite Curtain Rods


When you decorate each individual room of the house, detail is important. From selecting durable products to coordinating drapes, furniture, and other accessories to match, home decorating can take quite a bit of time.

Designer and Custom Made Lucite Curtain Rods 1

Curtain shopping especially can be quite a hassle. It takes some time to get the colors, length, and attributes of each curtain to perfect specification. Depending on the type of window, you may also have difficulty when it comes time to select the curtain rods that the curtains and drapes hang from.

Common sense has taught you over time that skimping on the hardware typically is a mistake. Buying the cheapest curtain rod at a hardware or big-box store can often end in disaster, with hardware falling apart after a year.

Designer and Custom Made Lucite Curtain Rods 2

Look to First Impressions for Lucite curtain rods, and other curtain hardware needs for each room of your house. We offer many different types of hardware in a vast amount of styles to not only match the décor of your room, but to also provide you with durable and long-lasting hardware that remains intact for the life of your home.

The Lucite used in the curtain rods adds a simple touch of elegance, as the material is clearer than glass, but highly durable. These Lucite curtain rods do not yellow or change color over time, and are UV-resistant as well. Chip protection also protects your curtain rods from damage or accidents.

Customization is one of our areas of expertise at First Impressions, so odd lengths and customization requests are not foreign to us. We often use customer designs as part of our catalog. Contact First Impressions for your specific needs, and we will be more than glad to assist in decorating any room of your home.