Decorative Cabinet, Drawer and Door Knobs


Whether you enjoy making your own furniture or are looking to revamp what you’ve already got, decorative cabinet, drawer and door knobs can make all the difference.  Any piece of furniture can be transformed with stylish eye-catching cabinet and cupboard knobs such as:-

  • A chest of drawers
  • A dresser
  • Cabinets
  • Wardrobes

Vintage door knobs for instance are very popular for creating the shabby chic look which is currently in vogue.  How about rescuing a forgotten piece of furniture from a charity shop, upcycle it with a lick of varnish and for something a little different, add new, unusual door knobs.  It will make the item look as good as new and give it that wow factor.

A vintage feel

For a vintage feel choose glass knobs which were extremely popular during the Victorian and Georgian periods. They are timeless and can add a touch of glamour as well as elegance to any traditional or modern home. Glass knobs breathe new life into any piece of furniture like a cupboard, dresser or wardrobe.  Available to buy with brass chrome fittings, they really are excellent decorative pieces with a certain charm and mystique all of their own.

Glass knobs are ideal for anyone with a vintage themed room or someone who is looking to restore their property to its former glory. Adding interesting character to any room, glass knobs reflect strong, artistic and original personalities.  There is a huge range of different styles to choose from and something suitable for everyone.  Popular styles of glass knobs include:-

  1. Melon knobs
  2. Owl shaped knobs
  3. Heart shaped knobs
  4. Square and round knobs

They are available to buy in a variety of colours which also includes translucent.  It doesn’t matter what style of home you have, be it classic, modern, subtle or bold, glass knobs will make it even more appealing.

Great gift ideas

Vintage, glass, mirror glass, ceramic and metal knobs make great gift ideas.  There are also mortice knobs, knob sets and even kid’s knobs.  Check out cheerful cabinet knobs which are perfect for children’s bedrooms.  Decorative kiddies’ cabinet knobs will provide a splash of colour to your youngster’s furniture. Trinca-Ferro offer a fantastic selection of cabinet knobs, why not click online to see for yourself?

There are also attractive knobs for your furniture or vintage coat hooks.  With such a huge range of impressive knobs to choose from, you won’t have any problem selecting styles, shapes and colours.  If it’s ceramic knobs you’re after, no problem.  Many ceramic knobs available to buy from reputable online retailers are intricately painted with stunning designs while others are molded into pretty shapes like flowers.

OK, antique furniture might be out of your price range but by changing your cabinet door knobs you can achieve an antique look at a fraction of the cost. Put your own stamp on furniture with top quality cabinet, drawer and door knobs, what could be easier?