5 Reasons to Choose Casement Windows


With so many window options to choose from, it can be tough to decide which are right for your home. Casement replacement windows are a trending home renovation, with many homeowners preferring this versatile window. They feature hinges on the side, opening outward like a door. Unlike sliding or double hung styles, casements have no rail, so they look like picture windows.

So, why should you install casement windows? Here are five reasons to choose this window style for your next home improvement project.

Casement Windows
Casement Windows

Smooth Operation & Accessibility

Because casement windows open outward, they’re an ideal space-saving style for above kitchen sinks, in bathrooms, or over countertops and appliances. While some window manufacturers’ casement windows can simply be pushed open, most function with an easy-to-operate hand crank, which is advantageous for windows in hard-to-reach places. A crank handle at the base of the window eliminates the need for lifting, reaching, and pulling when opening or closing.

Energy Efficiency

If you’re looking to replace your windows this summer be sure to keep in mind that when it comes to operational windows — that is, those that are meant to open — casement windows are the most energy efficient type. Casements close by pressing the sash against the frame, which prevents air from passing through. This window style has a strong seal on all four sides — when locked, their seal is slightly tighter than say, double hung windows, as casement windows don’t slide on a track. The tighter the window seal, the more energy efficient it is.

Energy-efficient casement windows help regulate the temperature of your home, which helps you save on your energy bills year-round. When choosing replacement windows, choose ENERGY STAR® certified models, which can save you an average of 8% on your energy bills compared to a standard window. Windows that qualify for the ENERGY STAR Most Efficient designation are up to 40% more efficient than a standard window! Choose an ENERGY STAR certified replacement casement window manufacturer that uses key features like low-emissivity glass, insulated frames, and UPVC frames and sashes.

Maximum Ventilation

This is the best window style if you rely on cross ventilation to cool your home. No other window can be opened as far as casements, which can open to nearly 90°. For example, double-hung or sliding windows can usually only have one open side at a time, whereas casements swing outward entirely. If your home is boxed in by neighbours’ houses, it can be difficult to catch breezes to ventilate your home. Because of their open sash, casement windows can help funnel side breezes into your home to help keep it comfortable, fresh, and breezy.

Casement Replacement Windows
Casement Replacement Windows

Better Views

If you prefer windows without muntins, casement windows may be for you. Muntins are strips of vinyl, metal, fibreglass, or wood that divide panes of glass within a single window. Fewer muntins allow for an unobstructed view. Single-sash casements have no muntins whatsoever, and with dual-sash casements, the only obstruction is the frame between the two sashes.

Enhanced Security

Because the locks on casement windows are hook-shaped, they are very difficult to break into, providing enhanced safety and security. The hooks are embedded into the frame, making them untouchable to any potential intruder. If you’re looking for an extremely secure type of window, casement windows are the way to go.

Easy operation, energy efficiency, ventilation, great views, and maximum security contribute toward the popularity of replacement casement windows. When you purchase and install replacement windows with a reliable manufacturer, your new casement windows will last for years to come.