Blinds as Opposed to Curtains


Blinds have had a use in covering our windows for a very long time, and it seems as that they are becoming more and more popular. With innovative designs and new composite materials, blinds come in many styles, with something to complement any room.

Venetian blinds

A Venetian blind is one that is made up of horizontal slats, on top of each other, allowing you to tilt the angle of the slats, as well being able to lift the blind up or down. The slats can be rotated to such a degree that each one will overlap the next, giving you a solid screen. If you have just moved house and you are looking for blinds in Perth, a quick online search will put you in contact with a professional supplier in your vicinity.

Vertical blinds

These are very popular, as they add a certain sophistication to any room. One of the main advantages over a Venetian blind, is that no dust collects, as the slats are vertical, so they are much easier to clean. With a wide range of modern materials to choose from, vertical blinds offer a refreshing alternative to curtains, while transforming the ambience of your home. As they draw to the side, they work best on windows that also move from side to side. Stationary vertical blinds are often hung in the doorways of homes and businesses, where they generally leave the door open. Many modern business practices encourage the sharing of ideas, so offices have become more open plan, with vertical blinds offering solutions.

Panel blinds

This is a twist on the traditional vertical blind by using wider panels, making them ideal for patio doors or large windows. Panel blinds are both functional and decorative, and work well in both traditional and contemporary settings. With the right colours, one can recreate a traditional Japanese home, where panel blinds have long been used.

Timber blinds

Wood has always provided that rustic look, while allowing you complete control over the lighting. With a choice of a lacquered or oiled finish, timber blinds provide an elegant covering for windows. The wood can be stained or coloured to complement the room, adding a natural touch to the décor.

Roller blinds

Very popular today, roller blinds are ideal if you need to block out the sun. Large bedroom windows and patio doors are perfect places for a roller blind, with a choice of colours, fabrics, and textures. Roller blinds are either spring-loaded or chain operated, with both systems giving smooth, effortless movement.

Professional solutions

When selecting blinds for your home or office, you should consult experts who can design and create the perfect screening solution, with a wide range of materials and colours available.

Custom made

All blinds are made-to-measure, which means that each unit is hand built to the specific size of your window. An established supplier will be able to advise you on all aspects of screening solutions, with a wide range of blinds that will enhance your property, while giving you total control over your lighting.