Adorning your conservatory: Here’s what you need to know


A conservatory doesn’t necessarily have to be a functional addition to your home. It can be the perfect combination of style and functionality. Conservatories can actually play the dual role of greenhouse extensions as well as of places where you can chill out and socialize. To start off with, it might get challenging for you to even figure out the basic items that you need to decorate your bespoke conservatories with. So, here are a few tips to help you.

Tips to help you decorate your conservatory

To start off with, let us tell you that when it comes to decorating conservatories, there is a wide array of styles that you can experiment with. So it would be great if you are educating yourself about the highlights of each of these styles for example – the Victorian style of décor, the Edwardian style of décor and the Traditional style and the like.

Educating yourself about the prominent styles

A traditional conservatory is defined by Elizabethan and Victorian styles. This particular style is preferred by those who want their conservatory to be a place to chill out alone or with friends. The entire spectrum of décor is as versatile as it gets and can include uber-chic leather sofas, introduction of beautiful plants, light-hued flooring options and other interesting pieces of décor.

You can render a typically Edwardian feel to your conservatory by keeping in the lines of the airy and bright ambience that conservatories in general are known for. Add an understated color palette to an open space (make sure you have an open space in your conservatory) thereby adding a pleasant vibe to the entire space retaining the contemporary aesthetic appeal as well. The introduction of bright hued blinds can add to the beauty of the place as well.

Bespoke conservatories can also be a combination of two very distinct styles of home décor- merging seamlessly to render a uniform look.

The choice of furniture

The constant exposure to sunlight might limit your choice of the furniture. So, it would be prudent on your end to get your windows UV protected. Don’t settle for materials that fade easily in sunlight. Upholstered furniture is an ideal choice since it wouldn’t be as heated up as faux leather as it has gaps in it for air to pass through.

Brighter combinations are believed to make smaller spaces appear larger. A small table with a glass top allowing light to pass through it can make your conservatory look airier rather than what the darker pieces with too many shadows can do.

The kind of carpet that should ideally be chosen for your conservatory

Since most of the conservatories are situated at the rear end of the house connecting the garden, it is sagacious not to opt for larger carpets covering the entire floor. Instead, team up your light-hued floor with smaller bright colored carpets to present the right contrast.

Keep these points in view while decking up your conservatory. Please remember that an ideal conservatory is the right combination of general sagacity and your personal tastes.