Add a Touch of Style to your Home with a Footstool


For great interior design in your home, why not add a footstool to your living room? Not only do they provide somewhere to rest your feet, they can be used as storage too. Tidy up your lounge and keep newspapers, DVDs, CDs or anything else that clutters up the room in a beautiful footstool.


Designed and built by professionals, footstalls can be custom made too. There are many leathers and fabrics to choose from along with shapes and sizes of leg options. Create your own footstool once you’ve decided on the style, whether it’s a:-

  • Small, medium or large footstool
  • Storage ottoman
  • Cube stool
  • Bench footstool

Take your time before selecting footstools from and do a little homework via reputable online companies.


Bespoke footstools made to your specifications

An in-house design team can help to create the perfect bespoke footstool using innovative ideas and your specifications. If you have a certain material in mind, for example to match the curtains in a room, no problem. Check out the amazing swatches featured if your room is neutral and you’re happy with any colour, material or style of footstool. Fabrics range from:-

  1. House weave in colours like sand, fudge and light grey
  2. Basket weave in cream, aqua, rose and lime
  3. Chenille in blue, celadon, wine and sable
  4. Plaid in graphite, geranium, grape and agate

This is not an exhaustive list. How about a wool spot, textured rope pattern, geometric chevrons or faux leather material? No matter which fabric you plump for, you can be assured, your footstool will be expertly manufactured and last a lifetime.

Ideal for storage

Small footstools can fit into corners when not in use while larger footstools can double up as informal seating as well as offering extra storage. Storage ottomans look fantastic in bedrooms, in lounges or dining rooms. Keep children’s toys in, books and magazines  or even spare bedding.  Cube footstools add a touch of elegance to any room and can also be used as extra seating. Whether you order a footstool, ottoman or cube footstool you can be sure to receive it as quickly as promised.

Ask for a quotation

Why not ask for a quote to see how affordable footstools really are? If you need any advice, an adviser is just a phone call away, alternatively send an email or use a contact form. The Footstool Workshop has a huge range of fabulous footstools that have:-

  1. Plenty of storage space
  2. Unique buttoning
  3. Different leg designs

All footstools are available in beautiful fabrics and are hand-made in the UK. Expect efficient and fast delivery times. This service is free for customers in the UK and may take approximately 28 days from receipt of your order.  You can also request free fabric samples which will give you a good idea of what your footstool will actually look like once it’s in situ.