6 Flower Decoration Ideas for Your Home


Flowers can miraculously transform a dull living room and add a touch of elegance to your bedroom. Real flowers are an effective option if you are searching for a quick decorative element for your home.

A bouquet can integrate separate styles with ease while daisies add an instant dash of colour. Select from fresh seasonal flowers or opt for faux ones — flowers are versatile enough to add life to your décor in any shape or form. If you’re looking for new ways to incorporate flowers into your décor, here are six flower decoration ideas that you can take inspiration from.

Fresh Flowers in a Vase
Fresh Flowers in a Vase

1. Arrange Fresh Flowers in a Vase/ Colander

Tins, cans and old teapots can all be used to arrange fresh flowers. Simply choose a container and fill it with a gorgeous bouquet, and watch it instantly transform any room from boring to bright. But, always remember to select a vase that complements the flowers you pick. Smaller vases are ideal for your bathroom and bedroom while bigger ones make a wonderful style statement for your living room. To plant flowers in a colander try to place the landscape fabric prior to adding soil.

2. String Some Flowers Together

Place one or two bud stems in a few glass bottles and tie an attractive ribbon around their neck. This easy yet awesome trick will definitely enhance the look of your living or dining room. Or, you can fasten the twine to the bottle from the bottom. Use jute rope to hang bottles by the neck and place small flower buds in them for a beautiful look.

Home Decor with Flowers
Home Decor with Flowers

3. Select Artificial or Real Flowers

Select from real or faux flowers to decorate your house with flowers. Or, attempt a combination of both to achieve the look you want.

Fresh flowers are a wonderful option however quality faux flowers impart a long-lasting look. Faux flowers look great on a permanent decorative piece or while creating flower wall art. Real flowers work wonders in freshening up a room.

4. Create Stunning Table Decorations with Flowers

There isn’t a better option than a centrepiece to harmonize your dining room or kitchen table décor. Pitchers or old soda bottles are a fad employed by homeowners to display fresh flowers these days. Flower-patterned centrepiece wreaths laid out flat is a popular option for flower table decoration. Save time and resources on your flower table décor with realistic faux flowers.

Table Decorations with Flowers
Table Decorations with Flowers

5. Wall Decoration with Flowers

Revamp your house with exquisite flower wall decorations. Artificial flowers are a good option for long-lasting wall art. Make a decorative piece out of paper flowers with items in your house. However, if you want your living room walls to really stand out on a special occasion, choose fresh flowers. If you don’t have a garden or an easy access to fresh flowers, you can order a wide variety of flowers such as geraniums, daisies, peonies, tulips, and roses online.

6. Deck Up with Dried Flowers

Place flowers without stems, dried flowers, essential oils and floating candles inside a water-filled clay pot. Switch off the lights and allow the centre light to glow for a dramatic effect.

Seasonal flowers are an ideal option for versatile decorations. Adorn your home with fresh cuts or realistic artificial flowers and add a new look to your personal space.