5 Top Steps To Refresh Your Fence After Winter


When winter hits, it can take quite a toll on your fence. Then the last thing you want is for the forward-most facing part of your home to lie in shambles.

Not to mention that leaving your fence in a state of disrepair over the summer will only continue to deteriorate it further. Summer rains can easily worsen any cracks, rot or rust that started in winter.

So, as soon as the weather improves it is time to hop outside and start repairing your fence. Don’t let a lack of free time prevent you from repairing it either. If you just don’t have the time, hire a fence repair technician in Guildford. They can bring their expertise to fix up your fence and restore it to top shape!

Wrought Iron Fence
Wrought Iron Fence

1. Repair rot

Whether you are tackling the repairs yourself or hiring a fence repair, repairing any rot should be a top priority.

If you didn’t have the chance to stain and treat your wooden fence before winter hit, it is quite possible that parts of it have begun to rot. To preserve the integrity of the fence it is essential to remove this rot immediately. You don’t want it to spread further and compromise other parts of your fence.

You may even need to replace any wooden posts which have rotten entirely with new ones. While the newer posts won’t immediately match the aesthetic of the older posts, these newer posts are essential for structural stability. Plus, you can always remedy the aesthetic later on by repainting or staining all of the posts.

Wrought Iron Fence Repair
Wrought Iron Fence Repair

2. Remove rust and fix holes

Although wrought iron fences are generally quite sturdy, rust can still form and cause its deterioration. To properly fix rust damage and protect the rest of the fence you must completely remove the rust.

That means you can’t simply remove the loose pieces of rust which easily come away with a paint scraper. You must also remove the rust that forms directly on the metal itself, the rust that can’t be scraped away. To do this you will need to purchase a chemical rust neutraliser. This will stop the chemical reaction which causes rust to form and stop it from spreading further.

To do this you will need to purchase a chemical rust neutraliser. This will stop the chemical reaction which causes rust to form and stop it from spreading further.

Wooden Fence Repair
Wooden Fence Repair

3. Fix weak posts

Once you have tackled any rot and rust that crept up over the winter your next step should be to fix any weak posts. If the posts were severely damaged, you may need to entirely replace them.

While a leaning post doesn’t pose quite as much of a threat to the rest of the fence as rot or rust, it is nonetheless a problem which you should address.

The whole point of a fence is to create a protective barrier around your property. So, a fence which is falling over defeats the entire purpose. Not to mention that if it falls onto the sidewalk, it could also be a potential hazard to pedestrians.

Wooden Fence
Wooden Fence

4. Sand and clean

After you have fixed the structural components of your fence, then it comes time to tidy up those fixes.

If you have a wooden fence and you have filled any cracks with wood filler then you will need to sand down these areas. Sanding over the fill will create a smooth surface and remove any wooden splinters which might stick out and make your fence unsightly. In the case of a wrought iron fence, sanding isn’t usually necessary.

However, in both cases, you will need to give your fence a good soapy scrub before you head on to the next step. Cleaning up both wood and wrought iron fences is important because it helps to remove any particles which you could accidentally trap in the paint.


5. Stain or paint

Then, your final step to repair any of winter’s damages to your fence is to apply a coat of stain or paint. There are speciality paints made for both types of materials that are designed to protect their unique composition.

Does a complete repair, cleaning and re-painting project for your fence sound like a bit more than you have time for right now? Don’t sweat it. Let Bidvine, a UK-based professional services marketplace help to connect you with trusted, local service professionals. Before you know it, your fence will be in top shape and ready for summer!