5 Tiny Yet Beautiful Kitchen Ideas


Small Tips Can Make A Big Impact

When it comes to your kitchen, you don’t necessarily have to rebuild everything to get the greatest utility. Also, you don’t need a massive space requisite to serve a platoon of visitors. What you need is strategic organization and layout, supported by a system of organization which is perpetual, reasonable, and maintainable.

Some remodel or rebuild may be advisable, but it will all depend on your personal needs. Following are five ideas to help stimulate your imagination.


1. Reorganize, Get Rid Of The Trash, Think “Vertical”

First things first: reorganize. You’ve got plates, cups, tupperware, and implements that you just don’t use anymore, or which have been replaced. Do you have an old hand-crank can opener that only works half the time? Throw it out and free up space in your silverware drawer! Find things that can be thrown away or reorganized.

When you’ve done this, you’ll have a bunch of things that need to be put back together. Use vertical thinking to maximize space. For example, all those pots and pans beneath the stove; what if you hung them instead, and used that storage space for all your plasticware? Now you’ve got an open cabinet that can be repurposed as a spice rack.

Spice racks are themselves a great idea, and can free up a drawer while making it easier to organize the spices you use. Figure out how to vertically organize the things you have, and you’ll be able to do more with less in even the smallest of kitchens.

Contemporary Kitchen Fixtures
Contemporary Kitchen Fixtures

2. Appliances Built Into The Walls—Vacuums, Microwaves, Etc.

Contemporary kitchen fixtures have some interesting applications. Some homes come with built-in vacuums; here’s how that would work: there’s a crevice in a corner of the kitchen that allows you to sweep the floor into an area of suction.

That suction fills up with detritus until you empty the tank, which is stored elsewhere. This may be a little bit “over the top” for some, but there are other ways to build appliances into the very makeup of your kitchen.

Microwaves can be installed in the walls, and you might even put a toaster in amidst the sheetrock. Just don’t install anything into the actual infrastructure of the room you use as a kitchen which requires regular cleaning.

Or, if it does, ensure you have the means to clean it. Built-in appliances can be pretty neat, if you know how to manage them. They can also be a bit expensive, so weigh your options carefully.

Kitchen Cabinet
Kitchen Cabinet

3. RTA Cabinetry

Ready To Assemble, or RTA, cabinetry can help you design storage to fit the space of your kitchen. At this site, https://www.bestonlinecabinets.com/rta-kitchen-cabinets-shaker-style/, you can find some options that can really make your kitchen sing. Additionally, RTA cabinetry can—to a certain degree—be designed as fits your needs.

4. Incorporation Of Mirrors

Mirrors increase the spread of light, and give those who are near them a perception of expanded space. Even though a mirror is just two-dimensional reflective glass, looking into one feels like looking into another three-dimensional area. Wherever you can fit mirrors in your tiny kitchen without impacting usability, this is a worthwhile beatification tactic.

De-cluttering Kitchen
De-cluttering Kitchen

5. Scaling Down

Over-packing your kitchen and cluttering it up can be one of the biggest things keeping it from being as beautiful as it could be. Scale things down. Figure out what you use, and what you don’t. Downsize. Put things you don’t use in a box and see if you try to use anything from that box in the future. If you don’t, then get rid of those unnecessary things. Less clutter is more aesthetically pleasing.

A Tiny Kitchen With A Big Spirit

When you scale down appropriately, incorporate mirrors, employ RTA cabinetry, build appliances into the space’s infrastructure, reorganize, and think vertical, you can do a lot with relatively little space. Applying some remodeling tactics may be worthwhile; but you may not need to. It all depends on what you like. Whatever you do, design your kitchen to compliment you.