5 Signs That Indicate You Should Think About Rewiring Your Home


People, in general, don’t pay too much attention to the wiring in their homes unless they face some problem or an accident occurs. The wires, outlets and breakers are crucial for the proper functioning of your electronic appliances. At times the wires send signals of malfunctioning following which proper action must be taken right away to prevent a mishap. Here are a few signs which indicate that your house could do with some rewiring.

Wiring in House
Wiring in House

1. The Breakers Trip on a Regular Basis

The panel at your house has breakers which flip whenever the required electrical load is greater than the permissible limit of the breakers. This is essential for your home’s overall power and is simultaneously a safety function. Get in touch with a professional if the breakers happen to trip recurrently. Immediate attention needs to be given to the problem whether it is with a particular outlet, the breaker or the wiring in your house.

2. The Lights Frequently Flicker

A high-draw appliance necessitates extra power from your electrical system which is a normal occurrence. Remember that damaged or obsolete wiring can also lead to blinking or frequent flickers. This is primarily visible in older homes and is an indication of faulty wiring. Large appliances such as washer/dryers and microwaves utilize a lot of electricity and usually require a separate circuitry. Older homes might not be well-equipped to handle the extra power required to run modern devices.

Home Rewiring
Home Rewiring

3. Presence of Ungrounded Outlets

Ungrounded outlets are obsolete and are also a considerable hazard in homes nowadays. They are incompatible with contemporary appliances and cannot cater to the requirements of modern technology. Get some new outlets if you notice plugs wiggling and coming out of the electrical outlets. Grounded outlets also minimise the risk of electrocution.

4. A Burning, Acrid Odour is Emitted

Get in touch with a professional immediately if you get an acrid smell or the stench of “ozone” without any specific source. Overheated or burnt wires frequently give off a burning odour.

5. A Buzzing Sound Comes from Your Outlets

Your wiring is in serious risk if you get a buzzing sound or if you spot stains around your outlets. Do not use the outlet if you hear this sound and if possible try to cut power to the particular outlet at the panel.

Home Wiring
Home Wiring

Additional tip: Make sure that your house has copper wiring and not aluminium

Deteriorating aluminium wire connections lead to overheating and can cause a fire. Check if “AL” is printed on the jacket to confirm if your house has aluminium wiring.

A painful repercussion is inevitable if everything is not installed perfectly in your home wiring. If you experience a shock while switching on or off an electrical appliance, take it as a warning sign. Electrical systems in your house wear out ultimately and can be a serious threat to you and your family’s safety, that is why you should ask for professional help from companies like JWA for your electrical repairs. Pay attention to the signs given off by an electrical system when it’s broken or worn out. If you detect any of the above signs, it’s best time to consider rewiring your home.