3 Ways To Prepare Your Home For Fall


When the summer starts to wind down it’s good to take stock of what still needs to be done before the warm weather goes away. You’ll already be bogged down with back-to-school responsibilities, sports registration, and other fall stresses. Here are three easy transition tips to get your home prepared for winter. These much-needed adjustments will help you avoid further trouble down the road, and are definitely worth the time investment.

Preparing Your Home for Fall
Preparing Your Home for Fall

Check for Drafts

It’s hard to believe that 25%-30% of energy use is affected by heat energy that is lost through windows that either need to be replaced or updated. You can determine whether or a not a window is leaking air by feeling around for a draft or even lighting a candle next to the window and watching to see if the flame flickers. If you are updating your windows, there are some quick fixes that you can get started on during the late summer, such as filling the source of the draft with some selective caulking, installing exterior shading to the windows, and looking into window treatment options. Even if you’re short on cash, there are many quick and effective ways to seal your windows, helping you make sure they’re not the culprit for air escaping.

Have a New Furnace Installed

When it comes to your home and your family’s comfort, thinking long-term is key. Spending on a new HVAC system can save you a lot of money in the long run as newer systems have been updated to run more efficiently than ever before. You can always contact a local furnace service provider to check heating efficiency, test for leaks and change the filter. Many HVAC professionals participate in energy saving incentive programs and will give you the necessary information to help you get started on the updates you need to qualify. A little money goes a long way when upgrading your heating and cooling system because a commitment to saving energy not only allows you to save hundreds of dollars a year, it helps you do your part for the environment as well.

Furnace Service Provider
Furnace Service Provider

Check Water Drainage

Water drainage in the home is not something most house owners think about but taking a little time to check the efficiency of your drainage system can save you time and money and keep you from having problems in the colder months. You can do some simple fixes like adding extensions to downspouts in order to prepare for the rain and get to know the strengths and weaknesses of your home’s drainage system in order to prevent flooding and avoid other unexpected expenses.

The end of the summer is a good time to get all the less glamorous chores out of the way in order to ensure you and your family have a safe, hassle-free fall and winter. Taking time to winter-proof your home in the fall will save you plenty to time and hassle, allowing you to focus on more important things.